Data Governance and Strategy


Our client is looking for a data goivernance and strategy specialist in Toronto, Ontario. The role is a full-time position and, in the time being, due to covid restrictions, will be held remotely.

Experience and Skill Set:

  • At least 5-7 years’ experience in data governance, data quality management or similar role leading cross-functional governance projects demonstrating strong planning, tracking and presentation skills
  • Experience with Collibra Data Governance Center ; database querying language such as SQL; data visualization and reporting tools such as Tableau ;


  • Actively engage in development and integration of enterprise data management systems data with Collibra
  • Assist with the development of data standards and ensure they are followed
  • Collaborate with data stakeholders across the organization to determine data needs while ensuring data governance guidelines and standards are followed
  • Contribute towards the development and delivery of education and training sessions to internal stakeholders regarding components of the Data Governance Program
  • Assist with Data Governance projects or initiatives; conducting gap analysis on data management controls and recommending solutions to remediate gaps by analyzing impacts on data constraints, data flow and business requirements

If you are interested in this role and meet the above criteria, please apply! Visit our website to see what other opportunities we have available.

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