Senior Guidewire Developer (PolicyCenter)



  • Experience of new product implementation from scratch
  • Extensive experience on Product model – coverage/ exclusion patterns and their terms implementation plus lookup XML configurations
  • Should have expert level work experience in PCF areas. Should be able to implement usual PCF files configurations for various Job wizards, Modes, Job Wizard Toolbar sets, Rowsets, Details Views, InputSets, ListViews, etc. seamlessly
  • Experience in writing Gosu classes, Gosu enhancements, functions, entity extensions, workflows, batch jobs, and messaging
  • Should be at expert level in writing gosu queries and should be able to write SQL queries against PolicyCenter database, need to have knowledge of Policy revisioning to fetch proper data for analysis and/ or for reports
  • Experience updating Production data using Data Change scripts
  • Experience in SBTs is a plus and needs to have an idea of how the SBT fields, coverages, and covterms availability, dependency, and business rules work in SBTs
  • Should possess experience in Automated Rating and costs. Should have worked extensively on rate books, rate book validations, rate routines, rate tables and should have experience in maintaining rate books post-production
  • Should have worked on debugging and solving technical problems in Guidewire PolicyCenter
  • Application performance improvement experience is a plus
  • Knowledge on Liferay or any portal application and domain knowledge in insurance is a plus


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