Senior Advisor / Product Owner

  • Full Time
  • Montreal

As a product manager (or Product Owner), you act as the owner of a cybersecurity perimeter as part of Agile (Scrum) projects.

You develop and control the vision of your cybersecurity perimeter, enforce and evolve the roadmap. You ensure that the initiatives delivered meet both the needs and security requirements in order to protect the information of our Client’s members and clients.

To carry out cybersecurity initiatives, you are supported by a multidisciplinary team dedicated to your scope.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Act as a manager within the framework of projects, mandates and development activities specific to your area of ​​expertise and whose scope and impacts are major for the company and whose scope may be at the level of Movement
  • Advise and support your customers and partners in the positioning, planning, development, implementation and monitoring of various projects and strategic mandates under your responsibility
  • See to the development and evolution of policies, standards, models and programs in support of projects and strategic mandates of your unit
  • Target and analyze problems. Raise the big stakes. Establish diagnostics and make recommendations to the bodies concerned
  • Represent your unit on the various committees made up of senior management members and on the authorities
  • Represent, negotiate and engage Desjardins within the framework of agreements with partners or external organizations.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Be the custodian of the product vision.
  • Determine the priorities / objectives in order to maximize the business value delivered.
  • Be responsible for defining the product backlog and its maintenance.
  • Lead a multidisciplinary team from ideation to realization while respecting the roadmap of its security perimeter.
  • Assume decision-making power with regard to the product backlog.
  • Respond quickly to questions raised by the team.
  • Ensure the clarity, transparency and dissemination of the product backlog to all stakeholders.
  • Ensure the solution is aligned with security needs / requirements.
  • Approve the delivered solution.
  • Regularly carry out an appropriate lookout in relation to his field.
  • Actively participate in the agile ceremonies necessary for the completion of projects.
  • Develop indicators and methods of monitoring the performance of the perimeter under its responsibility.
  • Coaching of internal resources.

Desired technical skills:

  • Having knowledge in the following areas of expertise: Endpoint protection (workstations and servers) and Cloud computing security.
  • Experience in an agile environment and / or in a role of Product Manager (or Product Owner)
  • Experience in negotiating with suppliers.
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in the field of cybersecurity;
  • Knowledge of Office 365 security tools (eg Office Compliance & Security, MCAS, etc.).
  • Knowledge of hardening databases and databases in general.
  • Knowledge of different operating systems: Windows Server, Linux, AIX, SUN
  • Knowledge of server hardening techniques.
  • Knowledge of third-party server service levels.
  • Knowledge of micro-segmentation in virtual environments.
  • Knowledge of Citrix, VMware and Azure.
  • Be familiar with security concepts (security and orchestration event).
  • Knowledge of the concepts of “File Integrity monitoring” (FIM).
  • Knowledge of the Jira tool for managing and monitoring stories and backlog.
  • Experience in the design or implementation of infrastructure;
  • Experience in writing technical documentation
  • Generic infrastructure knowledge: Proxy, firewalls, Active directory, Dns, Telecommunications (network interconnection)
  • Understanding of global security concepts as a transversal capacity: Identity management, Access management, Data management, Logging, Automation and monitoring.
  • Intermediate knowledge of English, both oral and written.

Other skills:

  • Cooperate
  • Be customer-oriented
  • Be action-oriented
  • Stimulate innovation
  • Be strategic
  • Mastering interpersonal relationships
  • Communicate effectively
  • Know how to listen
  • Excellent spirit of synthesis
  • Knowing how to define priorities
  • Have a political sense
  • Know how to negotiate

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