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Contractor Administration & Payroll Service (CAP) Provides the Process & Infrastructure to Hire Contractors without Burden or Risk to Our Clients

At PlanIT, we are committed to helping all our clients by offering value added services. These services allow clients to focus on what they do best while we provide them a one stop shop with a full spectrum of solutions for their entire contingent workforce.

The contractor administration and payroll service (CAP) assists clients by providing onboarding and payroll services for all contract and termed employment resources through PlanIT.

All contingent workforces are onboarded through our CAP system. PlanIT gathers, tracks, and stores all the necessary employment/contract documentation, ensures that all laws and regulations are followed, pays all resources on a regular frequency guaranteeing on time payments, and acts as a point of contact to the resource throughout their tenure of the project to maintain customer service.  Clients who use our Contractor Administration & Payroll Service (CAP) have access to a wide range of benefits including a reduction in costs, a shorter time frame for administrative operations and payment processes, consolidated invoices for all contingent resources, and managed services that provide a support structure to resources and clients alike.

The PlanIT CAP system offers a wide range of unique benefits that include:

  • Providing a consistent approach for on-boarding all contract resources;
  • Verifying that proper contracts are established depending on their contractor status (Sole Proprietor, Partnership, or Incorporated Entity);
  • Managing contract renewals, rate negotiations, terminations, exit interviews, and employment letters.
  • Executing back checks, confidentiality agreements, and waivers to Intellectual Property; and
  • Establishing valid and approved contracts before contractors arrive at a client’s premises on the first day of work.

Our Insurance Benefits

PlanIT’s insurance liability policy applies to all of our contractors. PlanIT also maintains a 5 million dollar liability policy and 5 million dollar errors and omissions policy. PlanIT mitigates the risk for all of our contractors and clients in relation to laws, taxes, and immigration.

PlanIT also has legal experts and tax specialists that work hand-in-hand with the Canada Revenue Agency, which helps us remain compliant with any new changes to legislation, CRA guidelines, and immigration laws that affect the contingent workforce.

Our contractors and clients alike have the ability to take advantage of the features that are available from this added service, such as:

  • Administration of contractor payments and client invoices in an accurate and efficient manner;
  • A single point of contact for all administration, invoicing, and payroll service;
  • Consolidated invoiced and reporting by PO, division, department, or project code;
  • Management of purchase orders as well as payroll;
  • Collection and verification of approved time sheets and expenses;
  • Payment for approved time worked through direct deposit or wire payments;
  • Deductions and government remittances, including Regulation 105, as required by law;
  • One monthly invoice for all contractors;
  • Administration support;
  • Issuance of pay slips, annual tax forms (T4 and T4NR), and income verification as required

Choose PlanIT Search for Complete Service and Peace of Mind

PlanIT is completely compliant with all current legislation and taxation laws as well as withholding regulations in Canada. Moreover, we offer our clients and candidates safe, secure, and risk-free services. Focus on your business goals while we handle the rest using our contractor administration payroll services for your entire contingent workforce.


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