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Contract Employment…You’re The Boss

At PlanIT Search, we understand that IT contracting is a lifestyle choice as much as it is a job. It’s a unique combination of technological talent and entrepreneurial spirit – allowing you to develop your skills and advance your career in unique ways.


There are practical considerations that you should take into account when considering contract employment:

  • Does the firm you are considering offer you the ability to build a career?
  • Does your contract offer you stability and useful experience?
  • Does your contract provider have your best interests in mind?


Financial security should never be a concern. This is why PlanIT offers the following security benefits to all of its contractors:

  • Guaranteed twice-monthly paycheques.
  • Established and respected clientele, including Fortune 500 companies that provide you with opportunity and advancement.


Our experienced team of professionals will also assist you in learning the tricks of the contracting trade, by:

  • Helping you establish and register your own business.
  • Providing you with relocation consulting.
  • Giving you access to expert contracting accountants.

Our Package

When you begin a contract with PlanIT, we will provide you with a detailed Contractor Package that outlines our administrative procedures for timesheet and contractor invoicing. In addition, our administrative team provides that important voice on the phone if you have questions.

How to start a contract business in Ontario

Additional information needed for the smooth operation of your contracting business is readily available through government offices and websites.

For information on:

  • Business name registration
  • Incorporating a business
  • GST registration for business
  • Ways to pay your income tax

Visit the ServiceOntario Website:

Click on Gateway for Business: Your business from start to finish. All the information you will need to start your contract business can be found here.

The site also has an application called BizPal. By answering a series of simple questions, BizPal will provide you with a list of permits and licences you will need to start your business. Click here to reach BizPal.

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