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“I have been both a client and an applicant with PlanIT for over 7 years and they are my 1st go to recruiter whether I am hiring or looking for a new opportunity. They have their ear to the ground across the country and into the US and are quick to find candidates when other companies struggle with the same request. They make you feel that you are their most important client or candidate and ensure that you are informed every step of the way. For me PlanIT stands out from other companies because they work with you as a partner, try to anticipate what you may need and follow through with either quality people for positions or positions for quality people.”

-Director of Business Improvement – Manufacturing Industry


“During my tenure as Director of Business Process Improvement and Senior PM in Vancouver I used the placement services of Plan IT.

I have hired many consultants and permanent employees using Plant IT at both companies. 

The quality of the prospective candidates was high due to communication of requirements in advance with the recruiters. Their team ensured they worked with me and other members of my team who may be hiring resources to understand our direction and our needs. Plan IT always has beat their competitors in providing quality candidates and I would say became more of a partner than just a recruiter.  Based on my criteria Plan IT supplied quality resources within the budget range I was looking at so it did not waste my time or his. They also kept me informed of the market for the type of resources I was looking for both in availability and salary expectations.  This type of information was invaluable as I was building new departments and teams both in Canada and the US.”

Cathy -  Manager  Business Analysis – Construction Industry


 “Dear Plan IT

Thank you for not taking no for an answer right in the beginning!
Thank you for bearing with us, even though he could not make up our mind sometimes.
Thank you for your trust in my husband even though you don’t know him from a grain of salt.
Thank you for the big effort and time you dedicated to us.
Thank you for creating such a big adventure we can look forward to.
Thank you for creating the opportunity to improve our kids future.
Thank you for pulling us from right out of our comfort zone to take on the unknown.
Thank you for changing our lives!”

Milinda – Partner of IT Consultant


 “PlanIT is very diligent oriented and professional in their work, they are a pleasure to work with. Their team has an excellent personality and I rely on them for advice. They are well organized and very hardworking.”

Kayode – Management Consultant Lead –  Major Oil Company

“PlanIT has an aptitude for aesthetics and understanding clients that make them stand out. I had the pleasure of working the last three years at PlanIT, collaborating on JDE projects. Their ability to judge and coordinate with our team is unlike any I’ve seen before. PlanIT would be a great hire for any employer.”

Pankaj – Supply Chain Consultant, Advisor

“PlanIT has very talented recruiters and have done great work assisting me with finding potential career opportunities. They take a very thorough and organized approach to connecting companies with individual skill sets that closely match the specified requirements. PlanIT is thought provoking and offers sound guidance in interview preparation and overall career planning, they are a pleasure to work with! “

Paula – Business Analyst- National Insurance Company


 “Thank you for all the support you have given me, from reviewing my resume to the preparation for the interviews. You are professional and caring about candidate’s career development. I appreciate that I have met you.

You made me realize that I had skills that I had forgotten about- making my resume even stronger.

We often forget our accomplishments or put them in the backburner. “

Hyperion consultant at IT consulting firm


 “PlanIT is a highly skilled and competent recruitment organization.  

They are industry experts and have worked with both the big companies to small startups. PlanIT is easy to work with and maintains the highest standards of professionalism as well as confidentiality.

I would highly recommend PlanIT as a recruiter!”

Stas  – Quality Assurance Analyst


“My dealings with PlanIT have been very positive; primarily because they managed to match me with a position that fits in very well with my skills and the type of position that I’m looking for.  I think this is good for candidates and employers; there are very often mismatches on both sides, which is frustrating for both parties.

I was also pleased that they took time to review my resume, rather than just looking at the headlines, which I realize is not always practical, but in this case I could see that she had a good grasp of my experience.

PlanIT also had a good understanding of the nature of my work, even though it tends to be of a technical nature, so we were able to have a coherent discussion about the role and my experience.

They also provided me with good information and advice to prepare for the interview and made an effort to give me relevant information about the role and the client.

PlanIT comes across as very professional, but also kind and courteous, so I’m glad that they were working with me on this role.”

Paul – Hyperion Consultant – IT consulting firm


“PlanIT has a successful and effective talent acquisition team. They are a well-organized, enthusiastic and work with a sense of urgency keeping balance between availability of the candidate and business needs. They have genuine communicators committed to delivering a memorable experience.”

Nikhil –  Major Bank


PlanIT team worked overtime several times, above and beyond the call of duty or what was expected, in order to get the job done.

They’re fantastic to work with. Highly organized Team Lead / Account Manager, responsible, forward thinking and are people managers with deep and practical recognition. Energetic team players with boundless energy. Their open-minded approach could not be overestimated. Highly recommended.”

Arif – Project and IT Management


 “I highly recommend PlanIT.
They provided me with an IT Manager that has surpassed my expectations.
I would not hesitate to use PlanIT again.”

Daimin - Hospitality Industry


“The account manager sincerely wants the best for his clients. He passionately devotes his time to listen and understand candidates’ professional desires and thereby, is able to give high-value career advice, as well as connect candidates with new relevant job opportunities.”

Bossmat – Strategy and Finance Professional


“PlanIT has hardworking and intelligent recruiters who work actively and aggressively for their clients and candidates. They are very goal oriented and always meet their deadlines, they do an outstanding job of understanding the client needs and meeting their expectations by providing the best candidates. Because of PlanIT’s tremendous work ethic, and always there to help it makes them my favourite.”

Dhvani – Human Resources


“PlanIT is outstanding to deal with when you need professional advice and confidence that you will get want you want when looking for a new career opportunity. They use all their resources and had a great way of making sure they get the job done. I would recommend PlanIT to ensure that you get what you are looking for in your pursuit of new career goals. I have over 15 years plus SAP experience and it was still a challenge to find the right job and they did it!”

Patricia – SAP Senior Functional Configurator


”I have always found him to be an honest and trustworthy recruiter. He has the interests of his candidates at the top of his list and always follows through. I have had the pleasure of working closely with PlanIT on a couple of occasions and have found them to be polite, direct and a driving force within his team. If you are looking for a recruiter in the SAP space to help transition you to your next big break, he’s your man.”

Peter – SAP FICO Professional


“Working with PlanIT was a truly pleasurable experience. They’re passionate, enthusiastic, and persistent in helping you finding a job. PlanIT delivered fantastic results in a very short period of time. During the screening process their recruiter was able to quickly assess my skills and identify an opportunity that quickly became my top prospect. Thanks again for all your help, you were amazing to work with and I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a great recruiter! “

Nick –  Provincial Government


“In 20 years of IT consulting I have lost count of the number of recruiters I’ve worked with, but I always remember, and especially appreciate, the ones who are professional, affable, reliable and most importantly, honest. Each of these attributes apply to PlanIt’s recruiting team and when you work with them it readily becomes evident that they aren’t looking to just find a candidate who can tick off the boxes on a client’s job requirement list. Their recruiters take pride in what they do and I particularly appreciate how they always work with the consultant to keep them in the loop on what is happening and how the recruiters promptly tackles any issues. Their team is a breath of fresh air in an industry that sadly has lost touch with the fact that it is still a people business and that relationships matter. Keep it up PlanIT! “

Grant –  Multi-National Corporation Consultant


PlanIt is diligent, personable and professional. She has the ability to understand clients’ needs and identify positions that were well-suited for my skill set. PlanIT has presented me as a candidate for many opportunities and this has since helped me grow and given me the opportunity and pleasure to work with reputable clients. But what really separates their team from others is that they actually care! The recruiter contacted me frequently to provide updates and useful information and it’s always a pleasure to speak with PlanIT. Individuals and businesses would be fortunate to work with PlanIT and utilize their expertise.”

 Azam –  Multi-National Corporation DBA

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