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About Our PlanIT Search Team

The Faces behind the Name

PlanIT is the leader in staffing and recruitment for IT and ERP Services. We offer both contract and permanent opportunities North American wide.  We understand the recruitment needs and demands of employers and job seekers across all levels and industries. As a key player in the recruitment and staffing market, specifically IT and ERP, PlanIT provides unsurpassed expertise in matching top talent with North American top fortune 1000 Client Companies.Edited 2

We have a passion for helping our clients build high performing teams and using a proven selection and evaluation process to ensure the best teams are built.

Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients and candidates alike. We offer staffing for all levels of Information Technology/Services (IT/IS). We provide special focus on ERP resources, including: JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Workday, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. In addition, we also offer candidates who are experts in technologies used in conjunction with ERP systems. PlanIT is your one-stop shop for all your ERP/IT needs.

PlanIT provides each one of our clients and candidates superior service. We deliver results in a consistent manner while remaining flexible to meet our clients’ needs and timeframes. We also provide a single point of contact for convenience and quality of service.

Our clients consist of small, medium and large size companies including multi-billion dollar organizations across Canada and the US.   Our services are of no cost to you unless you decide to hire a candidate that we have presented to you.

To learn more how we can help you build a high performing team, go to our contact us page and let us know how to get in touch with you.

Meet Our Leader

Joseph Zitek

President, PlanIT Search

Joseph or ‘Joe’ Zitek is both the inspiration and the driving force behind PlanIT Search. Over the years, he has emerged as not only a strong leader, but a man who sets the tone of operations. Many of his clients will tell you that he is the reason they keep coming back to PlanIT. Each day, Joe takes the firm to new heights and overcomes new day-to-day challenges with his iron clad spirit and dedicated attitude.

Joe Zitek started PlanIT in 1999 as a seasoned veteran in the field of recruitment and placement who strongly believed in the future of Information Technology. Although Joe was motivated to set his sights on all the facets of the current IT marketplace, he put a sharp focus on the steadily emerging field of ERP. Due to Joe’s consistent and persistence, PlanIT emerged as an overnight success story in the world of start-up enterprises.

Passionate and tenacious, Joe is able to attract individuals who share his vision of a successful organization with a customer-centric and creative approach. This vision values honesty and integrity over all else with the belief that customer service is not just a department, but the actual soul of any business.

Moreover, Joe Zitek is also an advocate for balance and harmony so he knows that there is a fine line between business and personal life. It’s this belief of balance that promotes a healthy and positive outlook in all of his employees and clients alike.

Working with PlanIT Search

Working with PlanIT Search will grant you the confidence to shine amidst the tough competition in the market. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve that competitive edge in the IT industry backed with the right resources and opportunities available to bank into the ever-growing, innovative market of IT and ERP technologies.

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